My research focuses on the use of climate science in the planning and design of desert cities for increased urban resilience. I utilize qualitative research methods such as stakeholder interviews, workshop facilitation and content analysis of public policy. The goal of these transdisciplinary research projects is to work with stakeholders and students to advance theoretical planning knowledge and contribute to the increased urban resilience of desert cities from climate change and other environmental risks.  I am always open to discuss research collaboration opportunities. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student who like to join our team, refer to the Opportunities page.

Current Research

Evaluating the Use of Urban Heat Island and Heat Increase Modeling in Land Use and Planning Decision-Making

This study focuses on documenting the current use of urban heat maps and models in communities in Arizona and New Mexico and evaluating best practices and opportunities to increase their usability. [more information]

Assessing Policy Innovation: Climate Action Planning in the U.S. Southwest

The goal of this research is to document how cities in the Southwest are innovating climate action planning through the content analysis of general plans and interviews with planners in six case study cities in Arizona and New Mexico. [more information]