Jerry Gretzinger’s Map

Close-up of Jerry Gretzinger's Map

ICity-building can be as much of an art as anything else, but Jerry Gretzinger takes that to a whole new level with his map. His map is really a world onto itself with cities, suburbs, farmland, forests, deserts, and oceans – and beyond that, what he calls the “void”. Jerry’s map “began as just a… Continue reading Jerry Gretzinger’s Map

“Why I Love ULI” Video Contest

The Urban Land Institute is concluding its “Why I <3 ULI”  video contest tonight, and there are some really creative entries so far. The person whose video that gets the most Facebook likes will win an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles for the 2011 ULI Fall Meeting. Sweet deal! Here are the top three Why… Continue reading “Why I Love ULI” Video Contest

The Ghost Ranch Lodge, an Adaptive Reuse Success

The iconic Ghost Ranch Lodge sign

The Ghost Ranch Lodge had its grand reopening several months ago, as I previously posted in The Redevelopment of the Ghost Ranch Lodge. Construction had just been completed a few weeks before the event, and the units were already 100% occupied with a waiting list for future residents. It has also served as a catalyst… Continue reading The Ghost Ranch Lodge, an Adaptive Reuse Success