Extreme Heat Network webinar with Matthew Roach

Matthew Roach, Epidemiology Program Manager at Arizona Department of Health Services, joined us to discuss Arizona’s Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) portal on heat risk factors and heat illness. The EPHT has data from national and local sources to view both environmental and health outcome data in one easily accessible place.

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SXSW 2020 Panel – Storytelling for Climate Action

I’m excited to propose an SXSW 2020 panel on storytelling for climate action with Doug Parsons, host of the America Adapts podcast, and Amy Brady, Ph.D., editor, writer and cli-fi expert:

Given the urgency of the climate crisis, we must consider multiple ways of communicating climate change so that people of all backgrounds can find ways into the global conversation. Hear from experts in science, culture and communication about how they successfully reach vastly different audiences. Discover how panelists give narrative shape to the climate crisis to reach decision-makers in cities of different sizes and political leanings, different consumers of cli-fi (climate fiction) novels and films, from activists to literature fans to scientists, and listeners of climate adaptation stories across the podcast medium. Learn how these climate crisis narratives meet and differ, how to navigate hope v despair through storytelling, and how to be a more effective climate communicator.

There’s a public voting component to the selection process, so if you have a minute please create a quick account and vote for our panel by August 23, 2019. Thanks!