B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments – Fully Online

The B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments degree program that I lead at The University of Arizona now has two emphasis areas – Sustainable Buildings and Sustainable Real Estate Development – that can be taken fully online! The university made the video below highlighting the learning experiences of the online degree with myself and fellow faculty members, Adriana Zuniga-Teran and Omar Youssef.

Learn more about the fully online offering of the B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments degree program or feel free to contact me directly.

Jerry Gretzinger’s Map

Jerry Gretzinger’s map displayed at ArtPrize 2009 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo by Rodney Martin

ICity-building can be as much of an art as anything else, but Jerry Gretzinger takes that to a whole new level with his map. His map is really a world onto itself with cities, suburbs, farmland, forests, deserts, and oceans – and beyond that, what he calls the “void”.

Jerry’s map “began as just a doodle” in 1963. Almost fifty years and 2,000 panels later, he has worked or reworked one of his map’s panels every day. Like real-world landscapes and cities, his map has evolved over time as he has redrawn portions of it. To guide his map’s evolution, he has created an elaborate world-building system that features a card deck with instructions, the map’s “future predictor”. Each morning he chooses a card at random that determines whether he’ll add new features to a panel or completely void it out.

A close-up of the map showing one of the many urban centers. Photo by Rodney Martin

Jerry Gretzinger: Mapping the Void (Documentary)

The map is truly a life’s work. There’s an eleven-minute documentary on Jerry’s map by Gregory Whitmore that’s definitely worth a watch if you want to learn more about the map and his artistic process.

You can also follow the future of the map at Jerry’s Blog.

Photos by Rodney Martin

“Why I Love ULI” Video Contest

The Urban Land Institute is concluding its “Why I <3 ULI”  video contest tonight, and there are some really creative entries so far. The person whose video that gets the most Facebook likes will win an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles for the 2011 ULI Fall Meeting. Sweet deal!

Here are the top three Why I <3 ULI videos I’m loving:

Why Rachel Headings Loves ULI

Rachel takes the “love” of ULI to a whole new level in this hilarious video. Someone needs to book this ULI logo for the Fall Conference, I want a picture with it.

Why Stephanie Darden Loves ULI

If ULI was to run an ad campaign, this would be the video. Stephanie’s video is professional, whimsical, and even features a cameo by Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer. I’m definitely pointing prospective ULI members to this video in the future.

Why Rob Voigt Loves ULI

Rob made a really creative paper craft video that gets into the heart of why ULI is awesome: unprecedented resources, leadership, and inspiration.


The winner and honorable mentions have been announced on the 2011 ULI Fall website, congratulations to all the creative entries!