What Desert Cities Can Teach Us About Water

Central Arizona Project Canal, via Wikimedia Commons

An interview I did with Rudri Bhatt Patel for the JSTOR Daily on sustainability in desert cities is out!

“In many ways, Phoenix and Tucson are on the cutting edge of sustainability because they were forced to confront water scarcity decades ago. The Southwest is fertile ground to create solutions.”

Check out the full article on water, extreme heat, and sustainability in cities in the Southwest.

Extreme Heat Network Webinar with Daphne Lundi

Extreme Heat Resilience in New York City

Daphne Lundi joined our Extreme Heat Network webinar series to discuss New York City’s efforts to increase resilience to extreme heat. She discussed Cool Neighborhoods NYC, the city’s heat adaptation plan, and updating building regulations and zoning regulations with heat in mind.

Daphne Lundi is Senior Policy Advisor with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Resiliency. Her work focuses on implementing programs that strengthen and prepare NYC communities against climate change impacts. Prior to that, she was an urban planner at the NYC Department of City Planning focused on climate resilience and neighborhood planning.

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