Ladd KeithLadd Keith is a planning faculty member and Director of Academic Initiatives and Student Success at The University of Arizona’s College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture. He leads the Sustainable Built Environments degree program and other strategic initiatives related to college’s academic programs. His research interests are in the integration of climate change adaptation science and policy for the urban planning and design of cities. He has taught a number of courses including Sustainable Development, Sustainable Design and Planning, Public Participation and Dispute Resolution, Regional Planning, Planning Theory, and Professional Communication and Presentation.

An active member of the Urban Land Institute, Mr. Keith currently serves on the ULI Center for Sustainability Advisory Board as well as being a member of the Sustainable Development Council. In the past he was the Chair of ULI Southern Arizona as well as being a founding member of the ULI Southern Arizona Young Leaders Group and ULI NEXT.

Mr. Keith currently serves on the City of Tucson’s Planning Commission, where as Chair he led the commission’s public participation process for Plan Tucson: General & Sustainability Plan, which was ratified by voters and will guide city planning policy for the next decade. He has also served on the sub-committee for the Infill Incentive District zone as well as worked on the Unified Development Code, the Sustainable Land Use Code Update, and Urban Agriculture Code Updates.

Mr. Keith is a native Tucsonan and a graduate of The University of Arizona with a Master of Science in Planning. Prior to his master’s degree, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts with a Minor in Japanese. He currently lives in Tucson with his husband and their son and daughter.