Visioning a Cooler Tucson: Participatory Planning for Extreme Heat Resilience

Visioning a Cooler Tucson

Research Team | PI: Jonathan Jae-an Crisman; Co-I: Ladd Keith and Gregg Garfin; Graduate Research Assistant: Ida Sami

Funding | The University of Arizona, Office of Research, Innovation, and Impact

Description | This interdisciplinary research project seeks to harness digital visualization to increase public education and involvement in policy decisions, as the Tucson area considers ways to adapt to extreme heat brought on by climate change and the urban heat island effect. The project includes the creation of an interactive visual learning tool that helps people understand the implications of climate change, the urban heat island effect, and extreme heat, and make informed decisions about their own preferences for strategies to reduce impacts. The digital tool will include information about extreme heat and the impacts of a variety of planning and design adaptation strategies. After participants have examined material in the learning modules, a poll will collect their feedback about desired interventions and data about the impact of the learning process.

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