SBE 202 Professional Communication and Presentation

This course explores effective oral communication within the professions of the built environment with the intent of increasing student understanding of and competency in oral communication in preparation for entry into the world of practice. The course covers rhetorical theory, practical techniques, research strategies, and ethics leading to the design and delivery of effective persuasive, informational, and/or participatory communication typical to architecture, landscape architecture, planning, real estate, and construction contexts.

Learning Objectives
As a result of successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of rhetorical theory and strategies for verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Design an effective message including the selection of appropriate content, organizational structure, and supporting media;
  • Deliver the following effective oral presentations with confidence, clarity, and presence utilizing audience analysis, gestures, inflection, vocabulary, and supporting visual aids;
  • Analyze and constructively critique one’s own presentation, both content and delivery, as well as that of members of a project team;
  • Understand and utilize ethical standards to help guide professional and responsible communication;
  • Develop an appreciation for the necessity of life-long pursuit of professional education and mastery of skills as an essential element of success in professional communication.