Tornado Recovery Emphasizing Urban and Climate Resilience

The report from the Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Panel I led August 10-12, 2020 on increasing the urban and climate resilience of Walnut Hill/Denton Drive Dallas Area Rapid Transit station in Dallas, TX is now out!

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ULI was asked by the City of Dallas to convene a Virtual Advisory Services Panel (vASP) focusing on a study area around the Walnut Hill/Denton Drive Dallas Area Rapid Transit station. Our panel was asked to provide recommendations on how to promote greater social cohesion within the study area’s business and demographic populations while promoting climate resilience and environmental justice. 

Summary of Recommendations

  • Foster an authentic sense of place along with a sense of community;
  • Make the area safe and welcoming through supportive strategies;
  • Provide connectivity and address climate resilience through ecological, placemaking and infrastructure enhancements
  • Adapt the study area to increasing extreme heat and flooding through green and resilient parks and open spaces
  • Enhance mobility within the study area; and
  • Encourage commercial and residential development that enlivens the transit station and surrounding area, increases housing choice, and supports the community’s vision.