Op-Ed: There’s no place in the US safe from the heat

June 2021 was the hottest June on record for the U.S. Source: Climate.gov

I had the opportunity to author an op-ed for The Hill with my colleague Andrea K. Gerlack, Professor of Geography, on the need for addressing heat as a national climate risk:

Over the past year, our coverage of heat equity has focused mainly on the inequitable distribution of heat severity in the urban heat island effect in cities across the U.S. — revealing how the hottest land surface temperatures tend to be in the poorest communities and communities of color. However, individuals experience personal heat exposure throughout their day, not just at home, but also during transportation and at work and school.

As shown by the Pacific Northwest heatwave this summer, no location in the U.S. can delay addressing heat as a risk any longer. Current heat mitigation and management efforts vary greatly by local government capacity and resources.

We call for more integrated approaches to heat mitigation and management at the local level and more coordinated support at the national level.

Read the full op-ed piece: There’s no place in the US safe from the heat